New website:

PA2OLD heeft een nieuwe website waarmee deze komt te vervallen.

Pa2old has a completely new website, this website will soon go ofline.

Check out the new site at:

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Magnetophon part 1

Under the menu Magnetophon 1, you can read a new article about the development of the Hi-Fi tape recorder.
Although in the Dutch language, most links are in the English language and that gives an good idea about the tape recorder development.

My knowledge of the English language is not that great, otherwise I would have written this article in English.
I hope that someone is able to translate this article into English, so that readers who do not speak Dutch are able to read the article.

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Arnhem in the second World War

Born as a citizen of the city of Arnhem, I am interested in my hometown Arnhem, particularly from the 1850s to the 1950s.
I have a reasonable collection (± 150) books, publications and leaflets ect. about Arnhem and some videos.
A special interest is there for the 2nd World War years 1940-1945.

By chance I discovered the YouTube channel of Dirk Hilberding, who has a huge collection of videos on his channel about the 2nd World War, including a number of Dutch cities.

In his collection are four videos about Arnhem and the Battle of Arnhem (the famous movie: a Bridge Too Far) and its consequences.
The commentair in these videos is in Dutch, but for viewers who can not understand the Dutch language, these videos are still very interesting!
It shows an image of the war years in Arnhem and finally the enormous havoc in the city (see video 2), after the war.

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Source: Dirk Hilberding

Update January 23, 2015: Addendum to the above videos about the Battle of Arnhem.

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BREAKING: Daily Minutes to a broadcasting frequency

John PAØETE provides the Dutch radio amateurs on the repeaters PI3UTR and PI2NOS (and EchoLink for amateurs outside the Dutch borders) with amateur radio news in Dutch, German and the English language
He does this in two broadcasts:

  • PAØØNEWS is a weekly broadcast on Friday from 21:30 to 23:30 UTC on the repeater PI3UTR and EchoLink, with Dutch and international amateur radio news, interviews and other interesting items.
    This broadcast exists now about 2.5 years.
  • The ‘Daily Minutes’ a news bulletin 5 to 7 minutes long, every night at 18:00 UTC on the repeater PI2NOS and EchoLink.
    The latest news and DX propagation and this broadcast is repeated the following day at 9:30 UTC.

The 49 meter band:
There are now plans for 2015 to transmit the PAØØNEWS and “Daily Minutes” broadcast on a broadcasting frequency in the 49 meter band, so it can be heard all over Europe.
The frequency will probably be 6045 KHz and the transmission power 100 kW!
This new radio station will broadcast a new informative program, especially for
amateur radio operators and DXers,
Two-thirds or three-quarters of the program will be in Dutch and the rest in the English language.

For more info see the press release by John PAØETE, a PDF in the Dutch language.
There will maybe later an English version of the press release.

More on PAØETE:

  • Shorties FM 24/7 Worldwide International small-scale non-commercial talk-radio.
  • PAØØNEWS a webpage in the Dutch language.
  • Archive Shorties FM podcast’s
  • See also on the right side of this website under Live Audio: ‘Shorties FM live’ and the audio player.

You can E-mail John at: x at

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I see that sometimes when loading my website in my browser, that I have to wait
for: r6 — sh-5hnezn7k.googlevideo dot com
Can someone tell me what this is and what the function of it is?

Incidentally, I see a similar address in YouTube.
Annoying is that it takes sometimes a while to load and I see then: “Waiting for r13– ect….”
The “Comments” are not loaded then, no idea why it takes so long.

Ik zie soms dat bij het laden van m’n website in de browser, dat ik moet wachten op: r6—sh-5hnezn7k.googlevideo dot com
Kan iemand mij vertellen wat dit is en wat de functie er van is?

Overigens zie ik een soortgelijk adres bij YouTube.
Vervelend is dat het soms even duurt voor het laad.
Er staat dan: Wachten op r13 enz…
Ik zie dan dat de “Comments” niet geladen worden.
Geen idee waarom dat zo lang duurt.

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