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Two channels

I added live audio streams to my website. See for info the message from March 17 or read here: Live Audio. First there was only one audio channel. But now the audio broadcast is on two channels. Left you hear … Lees verder

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DMR: BFDX BF-TD501 Audio-recording

I added an audio-recording of the digital (DMR) sound to the review. Now you can hear the digital sound of the BF-TD501 radio. Go to: BFDX BF-TD501

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DMR: BFDX BF-TD501 HT Review

The review of the BFDX model: BF-TD501 handheld radio is now online on my website. This BF-TD501 radio support DMR Tier 2 and FM modulation. Hans PDØAC will do an technical review (is not online yet) on his Blog. Go … Lees verder

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