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I see that sometimes when loading my website in my browser, that I have to wait for: r6 — sh-5hnezn7k.googlevideo dot com Can someone tell me what this is and what the function of it is? Incidentally, I see a … Lees verder

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The lost innercity of Arnhem

My home town is the city of Arnhem in the Netherlands. Before WWII Arnhem had a beautiful city center. But after the Operation Market Garden (17–26 September 1944) a great deal of the city center lay in ruins. That part … Lees verder

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Amateur radio could save lives in times of emergency!

Ham Radio operators (Hams are government licensed radio amateurs) can help save lives in times of crisis! Although this video is meant for the American (US) population, it applies also to other nations. Even for the Netherlands where I live … Lees verder

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Radio communications between pilots and the Control Tower

I found on Facebook this funny page, which I did not want you to miss. Priceless conversations between pilots and the Control Tower. The Last One Is Gold. Thanks to: T I C K L D For more information about … Lees verder

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Solar-collecting pathway

“The Netherlands becomes first country to install solar-collecting pathway” That’s the title of a website that explains what’s going on in the town Krommenie north of Amsterdam. As a pilot, approximately one hundred meters of Sola Road cycle path will … Lees verder

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