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Magnetophon part 1

New: Under the menu Magnetophon 1, you can read a new article about the development of the Hi-Fi tape recorder. Although in the Dutch language, most links are in the English language and that gives an good idea about the … Lees verder

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BREAKING: Daily Minutes to a broadcasting frequency

PAØETE: John PAØETE provides the Dutch radio amateurs on the repeaters PI3UTR and PI2NOS (and EchoLink for amateurs outside the Dutch borders) with amateur radio news in Dutch, German and the English language He does this in two broadcasts: PAØØNEWS … Lees verder

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Amateur radio could save lives in times of emergency!

Ham Radio operators (Hams are government licensed radio amateurs) can help save lives in times of crisis! Although this video is meant for the American (US) population, it applies also to other nations. Even for the Netherlands where I live … Lees verder

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Solar-collecting pathway

“The Netherlands becomes first country to install solar-collecting pathway” That’s the title of a website that explains what’s going on in the town Krommenie north of Amsterdam. As a pilot, approximately one hundred meters of Sola Road cycle path will … Lees verder

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DKARS Magazine

Today Friday, July 25th you can download the first issue of the DKARS radio amateur magazine (PDF) of the “Dutch Kingdom Amateur Radio Society”. The first edition of the digital magazine (PDF) contains 26 pages in the Dutch and English … Lees verder

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