The lost innercity of Arnhem

My home town is the city of Arnhem in the Netherlands.
Before WWII Arnhem had a beautiful city center.
But after the Operation Market Garden (17–26 September 1944) a great deal of the city center lay in ruins.
That part of Arnhem, where the river Rhine flows along the city, is during the heavy fights between the German combat units and the British/Polish and later the Canadian forces, heavily damaged.
You can find many pictures of Arnhem and its damaged heart in books about the second world war.
After the War the center of Arnhem is not historically rebuilt, the street plan of the damaged center changed during the reconstruction and many buildings disappeared forever.
But how Arnhem looked like before 1940?
“Historic Arnhem in 3D” is a small group of volunteers with the goal to make a digital stroll through historic Arnhem.
On their YouTube channel you can find a lot of videos about historic Arnhem.
Two videos are very special and are about the city center of Arnhem before the WWII.

The lost innercity of Arnhem Part 1

The lost innercity of Arnhem Part 2

Source: Historic Arnhem in 3D

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Amateur radio could save lives in times of emergency!

Ham Radio operators (Hams are government licensed radio amateurs) can help save lives in times of crisis!
Although this video is meant for the American (US) population, it applies also to other nations.

Even for the Netherlands where I live and where the government is not very serious about amateur radio and emergency, although there is an amateur radio emergency service called Dares.
While in the Netherlands there is just a good example, that’s the flood disaster in 1953 where 1836 people lost their lives and where Hams provided the communication, because all existing communication did not longer worked.
“That was long ago,” you will say, but right now in the digital age with the smartphones and cable TV/Phone is backup by licensed radio amateurs very handy!

What if all communication systems including the power supply suddenly fails, for example, by a flood again?
The wireless telephony service stops when the power supply goes out and wireless telephone transmitter-masts are standing in the water.
While Hams with a battery operated transceiver can continue making (emergency) connections!

Source: 23 ABC News | KERO

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Radio communications between pilots and the Control Tower

I found on Facebook this funny page, which I did not want you to miss.
Priceless conversations between pilots and the Control Tower.
The Last One Is Gold.

Thanks to: T I C K L D
For more information about “tickld” go to their website at: T I C K L D

Part 1
Part 1

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Solar-collecting pathway

“The Netherlands becomes first country to install solar-collecting pathway”
That’s the title of a website that explains what’s going on in the town Krommenie north of Amsterdam.
As a pilot, approximately one hundred meters of Sola Road cycle path will be placed, costs are whopping $3.74 million.
Scientists plan to monitor the path over the next three years to see exactly how much energy it can create and observe how it stands up over time.

The bike path was Wednesday morning, November 12, 2014 officially opened by Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp (video in the Dutch language).

Down here the Video of the Solaroad website:

But… Dave Jones from the EEVBLOG thinks that a Solar Roadways is BULLSHIT!
Dave debunks the prototype solar cycleway path installed in Amsterdam in Netherlands.

A Dutch gentleman took his bike on the train to Krommenie, to look at the bike path.
See the video “Finding 3 million euros or waste – Sola Road” that he made.

What do you think, is this 3 million Euro squandered?

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SWL broadcast-station info

Short-Wave Info:
Do you have a broadcasting radio station heard at a certain frequency?
And you want to know what radio station that is?
Then this is the website for you!
Specify the frequency and time of the radio broadcast, and ShortWave gives you the requested information.

Go to: Short-Wave Info

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